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We require 72 hours advance notice
RUSH service is available for a $25.00 fee,
schedule permitting.
Less than 24 hour turns may incur additional rush charges.
There is a service charge for any changes
made to your order,
once the order has been placed.
Cancellation fees will apply.
Large Penis Cake
1/4 Sheet serves 20-30 Head can be filled w/ cream...
Price: $65.00
Small Penis Cake
Serves 10-15
Price: $50.00
Penis Cake with Base Cake
Base cake with penis cake on top. Serves 45
Price: $100.00
Breast Cake with bra
Breasts only. Serves 10-15
Price: $55.00
Larger Breast Cake / Fondant
1/4 sheet cake with breasts. Serves 40
Price: $100.00
Butt Cake
Thong, Bikini, Pearl Thong, Nude. Serves 10-15.
Price: $50.00
Asked For Your Hand
1/4 sheet w/ piping. Serves 40
Price: $65.00
Chocolate Lollipops
White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate
Price: $3.00
Chocolate Topper Cupcakes
Solid Chocolate Toppers White or Milk Chocolate $40.00 a dozen
Price: $4.00
Taking out the TRASH Divorce Cake
8' 2 Layer Cake
Price: $80.00
You're OUTTA HERE Divorce Cake
1/4 Sheet
Price: $100.00
Oral Sex Lollipop
Milk, White, or Dark Chocolate
Price: $3.00
Milk Chocolate Lollipops
Milk, White, & Dark Choolate
Price: $3.00
Headless Man - DIVORCE Cake
2 Tiers / 2 or 4 layers
Price: $120.00
Woman's Sports Jersey Cake
1/4 sheet
Price: $100.00
Bachorlette Fun Cake
6 inch cake w/ solid chocolate penis topper
Price: $60.00
Bikini Cake
1/4 sheet full fondant cake
Price: $130.00
Doggie Style Cake
1/4 sheet airbrush design
Price: $75.00
Big Daddy Cake
1/4 sheet cake airbrush design
Price: $75.00
Ride Em' Cowgirl
1/4 sheet air brush design
Price: $75.00
Eat Me Baby Cake
1/4 sheet feeds 40 $75.00 1/2 sheet feeds 60 $90.00
Price: $75.00
You Go Boy !!
Airbrush 1/4 sheet cake Serves 40
Price: $75.00
Small Corset Cake w/ Breast
Serves 40
Price: $120.00
7 inch Solid Penis
Milk, Dark, or White (colored to your skin tone selection)
Price: $10.00
Butt & Leg Cake
Serves 60-70
Price: $130.00
Sexy picture w/ #D solid chocolate penis
Penis can be colored to most skin tones
Price: $85.00
Penis smothered in underwear
Fondant covered cake, matched to your choice of skin tones. With #D solid chocolate penis
Price: $85.00
Man w/ penis cake
1/4 Sheet Cake Serves 40
Price: $100.00
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
1/4 Sheet, with chocolate penis
Price: $100.00
Breast Cake
1 great set of TA TA's to go in any color.....
Price: $50.00
How Many Licks Does It Take
8" round cake, 2 layers
Price: $50.00
Poppin' Penis Man Cake
1/4 sheet cake Will serve up to 40
Price: $100.00
Nurse Cake
12 in. Heart with Fondant Detail
Price: $80.00
Bachorlet Party Cake
6" Round w/ penis or 8" cake w/ penis
Price: $60.00
Full Body of Woman w/ Red Bikini
Serves 50
Price: $120.00
Heart Breast Cake
8" w/ Pearl Necklace Serves 30+
Price: $100.00
Vasectomy Cake
This cake was a hoot to make! Serves 40
Price: $70.00
Solid Chocolate Breasts
(Alone or added to a cake, makes a nice set)
Price: $10.00
Fun Girl CC
If you can dream it, we can design it
Price: $3.00
Large Corset Cake
Serves 60 + great for a home toy party
Price: $120.00
Yep, exactly what you think THESE ARE HANDMADE CUPCAKES.
Price: $4.00
Sons Of Anarchy
Nothing says FU like the Sons.
Price: $60.00
Your favorite chocolate in a smaller size.
Price: $3.00
Butt Cake w/ Edible Panties
Price: $55.00
More Bachelorette Cake Pics
8 inch cake w/ our SIGNATURE 7" solid chocolate penis, and toys
Price: $70.00
Its 4:20 Somewhere
No herbs, just cake!
Price: $60.00
Eat Me W/ a lil more
1/4 Sheet cake Also if you have a picture we can put it on a cake
Price: $80.00
$30 Deposit For Cake
This button allows you to put a $30 deposit on any of our cakes
Price: $30.00
$50 Deposit on Cake
This button allows you to put a $50 deposit on any of our cakes
Price: $50.00
WE REQUIRE 50% DOWN ON ALL CAKES  *  ph: 713.320.3454  *  fax: 713.484.6865
All Prices are Subject to Change
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