These are not the only available options. If you don't see
     anything you like, Let us know
    and we will be happy to create anything you ask for.
    Jeweled Cake
    Black Fondant and hundreds of jewels make this cake one of a kind
    Price: $250.00
    8 inch 2 layered cake with fondant
    toppers are extra
    Price: $60.00
    Texans Helmut Cake
    Some teams available
    Price: $60.00
    LARGE 3 Teired Cake
    Feeds 140
    Price: $350.00
    Small 3 Teired cake
    feeds 84
    Price: $210.00
    Animal print Teired Cake
    Feeds 94
    Price: $235.00
    3 Teired Square Cake
    Feeds 100
    Price: $250.00
    Mommy Cake
    You choose the dress, flavor, and ethnicity pallet
    Price: $100.00
    BAseball Cake
    Price: $60.00
    Football Cake
    This cake can be by itself, or on a cake of green grass
    Price: $60.00
    Bunny Cake
    You choose the colors, and flavor
    Price: $60.00
    Basketball Jersey
    This can be male or female. You choose the colors,
    Price: $60.00
    Mototcycle Cake
    You choose the colors, and flavor
    Price: $60.00
    Muscel Man Cake
    one of our penis/s can me added
    Price: $60.00
    Giant Cupcake Cake
    You choose colors, and flavors
    Price: $60.00
    Baby Carriage Cake
    you choose colors, and flavor
    Price: $60.00
    Bottle Cake
    you choose the brand, and flavor
    Price: $80.00
    Beach Guy Cake
    You choose, flavor, colors, and ethnicity pallet
    Price: $60.00